Fibertec Shoe Wax Neutral


Fibertec Shoe Wax Neutral
  • Fibertec Shoe Wax Neutral
  • Fibertec Shoe Wax Neutral

Shoe Wax

100 ml

Fibertec Shoe Wax is our most intensely care product made of a multitude of different waxes.

It does not contain any silicone. 
The malleable wax can most easily be applied on leather. It is ideal for the treatment of hiking and alpine boots as well as any footwear that requires extensive and long-lasting care. Fibertec Shoe Wax creates the "greasy" leather surface, which is typical of hiking boots. Shoe Wax is suitable for shoe care of shoes with GORE-TEX®. The special combination of bee, carnauba and paraffin waxes provides a long-lasting, deep leather care with an excellent water-repellent effect. Shoe Wax keeps the leather supple and protects against cracking.

Application note:

Apply the wax to the cleaned leather with a sponge or cloth. In case of highly absorptive leather, repeat the procedure a second time. Then leave the wax to be absorbed for 12 hours. Remove remains and polish, if necessary.

TIP: Before using the wax put it in your pants pocket, then you will get a body heated wax which simplify the application.


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